Hello, I’m Sara

I created Divine Energy Integration to invite my fellow healers who are looking for a more comprehensive approach to energy healing, without all the judgment and opposing information that often comes with a lot of healing modalities.

By removing the mystery from energy healing, with easy to follow protocols and in depth knowledge of the human energy field this practitioner course is for the seeker, the healer, the intuitive who would like to add more hands-on tools to their toolkit. Get ready to be empowered to be the healer you were born to be.

“Go Out Into The World And SpreadYour Healing Magic!”

sara walker perth energy healer

about sara

Sara has been a professional Specialist Kinesiologist for over a decade and has worked with 1000’s of clients. With her thirst for knowledge on how to work with energy, she is also a qualified Spinal Flow practitioner, Access the Bars Facilitator and Access Body Process Practitioner and has evolved into the Master Energy Healer that she is today.

In 2016, she started to teach small groups how to use energy to create change in their lives, how to improve their health, relationships, money, career, spirituality and contribution. What she discovered is that she had a natural talent for being able to explain the unexplainable, inspire people to want to know more about their own energetic health, all with no judgment, no point of view and so the potential for more courses grew exponentially.

In 2023 Divine Energy Integration was birthed through years of Sara’s experience and passion, so now she is able to teach other healers her unique way of addressing energetic imbalances and facilitating and empowering other healers to find and spread their magic into the world.