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Become a Divine Energy Integration Practitioner.  Jump start your career in energy healing, boost your credibility and become fully certified in just 14 weeks. The Divine Energy Integration Course is your gateway into the world of alternative therapy and energy healing.

With 12 online modules, you’ll gain modern and practical knowledge on the fundamentals of Energy Healing including an in-depth exploration of the 7 Chakras, acupressure, muscle monitoring, and basic energetic kinesiology tools. 

Walk away confident in your ability to facilitate clients to create their own divine human experience and live a life of energetic health and abundance. 

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Gain modern and practical knowledge of the fundamentals of Energy Healing

BECOME A Divine Energy Integration PRACTITIONER

Early bird price $2097
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Divine Energy Integration is a hands-on healing modality utilizing the innate intelligence of the physical body, via the art of muscle monitoring, to shift you into alignment with who you are at soul level. This is key to your clients receiving an abundance of vital force energy to create their Divine Human experience.

What makes Divine Energy Integration unique?

It’s more than receiving information intuitively as it includes comprehensive teachings in how to find the root cause of imbalances within the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

Divine energy Integration uses muscle monitoring, basic energetic kinesiology tools,  acupressure and body whispering protocols to clear negative karmic patterns including psychic hooks, sabotage, imprints from childhood conditioning and imbalances affecting the human energy field.

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