Hello, I’m Sara

I created Divine Energetics to invite all healers that are looking for a more comprehensive approach to energy healing but without all the judgment and confusing that often comes with a lot of modalities.

I have removed the mystery from energy healing with easy to follow protocols as well as in depth knowledge of the human energy field. This practitioner course is for the seeker, the healer and the intuitive who would like to add more hands-on tools to their toolkit. Get ready to be empowered to be the healer you were born to be.

“Go Out Into The World And SpreadYour Healing Magic!”

what is divine energetics

The work you do as a Divine Energetics practitioner will be to find and locate blockages or interference, bringing information into the awareness of your client, clearing the imbalances for them and by doing so, you help to create the space for their transformation. The less blockages your clients have, the more the energy field can be expanded to receive more divine energy, which can in turn, be integrated into the physical body, to not only help heal the body but also to receive and tap into their divine gifts and abilities.

This is the most empowering kind of work you can do for another being.

using divine energetics

Divine Energetics is a powerhouse of different energetic healing techniques and that can help your clients in all areas of their lives:

  • To release anxiety and stress from the body
  • To recalibrate energetic bodies and create ease
  • For chakra balancing and realignment
  • To raise vibrational frequencies
  • To shift emotional traumas from their energy field
  • To increase energetic awareness
  • To stabilise the energetic layers of the human energy field
  • To gain clarity and make aligned choices
  • To release low vibrational emotions
  • To relieve digestive issues or physical pain

energetic blockages

People need Divine Energetics to release blockages in their energy field. Blockages are like having two frequencies that don’t match each other, and because the energy has nowhere to go it gets trapped within the layers of the energy field or inside the physical body.

When energy becomes blocked, it creates disturbances in the energy flow through the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical layers. When left untreated, it contributes to mental, emotional issues as well as illness, disease and physical pain.

One of the main causes of blockages and interferences are the choices we are making. How often do you choose something which is based on an obligation and so it feels heavy? This is showing you that it will create a heavy density in your energy field because whatever it is, isn’t true for you.

sara walker perth energy healer

about sara

Sara has been a professional Specialist Kinesiologist for over a decade and has worked with 1000’s of clients. With her thirst for knowledge on how to work with energy, she is also a qualified Spinal Flow practitioner, Access the Bars Facilitator and Access Body Process Practitioner and has evolved into the Master Energy Healer that she is today.

In 2016, she started to teach small groups how to use energy to create change in their lives, how to improve their health, relationships, money, career, spirituality and contribution. What she discovered is that she had a natural talent for being able to explain the unexplainable, inspire people to want to know more about their own energetic health, all with no judgment, no point of view and so the potential for more courses grew exponentially.

In 2023 Divine Energetics was birthed through years of Sara’s experience and passion, so now she is able to teach other healers her unique way of addressing energetic imbalances and facilitating and empowering other healers to find and spread their magic into the world.